About Us

The Don Ryno Tequila Story

While the exact date is unknown, our story began when Don Ryno had his first taste of traditional 100% Agave Tequila. Tequila quickly became his love that triggered a decade-long search and tasting journey for a better Tequila.

Born and raised in Texas, Don soon began following his quest down to the lowlands of Mexico, in and around Jalisco, getting to know the warm culture, the hospitality of the people and the traditional craft and artisanship of making Tequila.

Fascinated with the wide range of tastes, smells and subtle nuances that distilled Agave and proper aging which makes each Tequila unique, he was on a quest to find the quintessential, traditional Tequila that was true to its heritage.

It was this passion for knowledge and understanding that sparked the creation of an organic, 100% Blue Agave Tequila that’s true to its legacy – using traditional methods of cooking and taking no shortcuts – and one that we’re proud to share with our family & friends.